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Avoiding Distraction in the Coworking Space

Coworking Spaces are the future of small business operations; however, like traditional office spaces; coworking spaces for startups come with challenges of their own. One of the overwhelming challenges of coworking spaces is to remain undistracted while surrounded by a group of strangers working on widely different tasks. However, this challenge is easily overcome and requires a proactive approach to focussing on one’s own tasks. The easy-to-practice tips listed below should definitely help.

Keep Social Interactions Limited to Break Times

When working in a coworking space; its best to limit social interactions to your break times when you are gathered with your coworkers around the water cooler or in the cafeteria. While working on a task; keep your eyes trained on your computer. Looking around would seem like an invitation for your coworkers to strike up a conversation that you really do not require at the moment. It is actually quite simple; when you are busy, the people around you can see it and will not interrupt, out of common courtesy.

Respect Others' Spaces

Any social interactions should not border on overfamiliarity; it is important that you respect others’ work spaces to enjoy the same. If your immediate neighbor seems busy; keep any questions, queries or conversations for later. Offices are great places to get to know new people and make new friends. However, the priority in a workspace is work and if you are making friends in the workplace, any effort to do so is best limited to after-work hours.

Train Roving Eyes

Some people are naturally curious and like to observe and learn and that is not automatically a bad thing. However; in the coworking space it is important to be solely concerned with your own work no matter how interesting your neighbor’s tasks may seem. Bearing in mind; that in a coworking space everybody’s working towards different goals, it does not serve you well to be curious about what your coworking neighbor is upto.

It is also important to keep in mind that there is a demand for etiquette to keep the coworking space productive. Do not do anything to distract your neighbor such as watching non-work-related videos, listening to music without headphones, and scrolling through your social media newsfeed among others. These also happen to be conversation starters in the workplace and it’s best to avoid such conversations when you are at your work desk.

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