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How to Choose the best Co-working Space for your Start-up

Choosing Co-Working Space

With the wave of innovators and entrepreneurs shaping the business world today, start-up culture is becoming the norm in most major cities worldwide and we are seeing a steady increase in the number of small business spaces popping up in homes as well as commercial buildings.

This environment can be both frustrating and counter-productive to small companies or start-ups. Working from home or setting up offices can be a demanding task that requires both capital and time which are both precious commodities for a startup team. Coworking spaces provide a convenient answer to these problems. But how exactly does one choose a coworking space that is right for his/her company or start-up? Here are some factors to look at before taking that crucial step.

1. Evaluating the Need for Coworking

First and foremost, someone looking into coworking spaces should know what they are getting into. These spaces are known to foster both personal and community growth. The amenities, perks and the relief from administrative tasks could be just what your company is looking for. Ask yourself, "Will the additional space, amenities and community add significant value to your business?

2. Community

Another important question to raise is whether or not the founders and the team behind the coworking space are indeed working on building a supportive community. The foundation of a successful coworking space is not the space itself but the network it provides. It is therefore important to be part of a space whose team is actively invested in the startup world and have the knowhow to build an effective network. Meet and ask the founders about their vision for the community. What are they doing to actively foster it? Have they been entrepreneurs themselves? Do they have experience running and scaling businesses? Don't hesitate to ask these questions.

3. Location Location Location

The title says it all. Location is probably one of the most important factors to consider while choosing a coworking space. The needs of your team and your clients are all-important here. Not only must the location be beneficial for business reasons but it must also be easily accessible to your team. Access to coffee shops, restaurants, local transportation etc. are all additional perks.

4. Visiting the space

It is always important to test the waters before taking the plunge. So taking a tour of a coworking space may be just what you are looking for if coworking is on your mind. Visiting a space with your team is the perfect way to evaluate a space and will help you check items off of your requirement list.

5. Value for money

One must look at multiple factors to assess this criterion chief among which are: monthly or daily charges, flexibility, connectivity, meeting room facilities, accessibility, maintenance, scalability, extra amenities and so on.


Beginest is a coworking space that looks to provide young businesses, freelancers or small companies with a strong and vibrant community. We provide both flexible seats and dedicated office spaces that won’t strain your budget and are available at your convenience.

Beginest has been established with an enterprising community at its core. It is run by tech entrepreneurs who are IIM and IMT alumni and have a combined experience of 27 years. They have 3 startups under their belt that they have seen from ideation to exit. They have experienced the roller coaster ride that is building a startup and thus understand the need for budding business to have access to networking opportunities and community support.

If coworking is on your mind, Beginest is the way to go.

Beginest is located off 100 feet road in Indiranagar, Bangalore.

( | |+91 910 802 9762).


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