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How to manage workplace stress in your start-up?

“Stress acts as an accelerator: it will push you either forward or backward, but you choose which direction.”―Chelsea Erieau

Workplace stress refers to the physical, emotional, and psychological strain an employee experiences due to various work-related factors. Workload, deadlines, long hours, interpersonal difficulties, and a lack of job control or support can all contribute to it.

When you were an employee, you would also have been through workplace stress and generally think it is normal and ignore the effects in the longer run.

Is it not important for us to look into how workplace stress is caused and how to manage it?

In today’s fast-paced world, working for long hours without taking breaks may seem to increase productivity, but leads to burnout and stress and hampers productivity.

Here are a few reasons for workplace stress at your organization, and ways to manage them.

1. Inefficient communication

“Effective teamwork begins and ends with communication” -Mike Krzyzewski.

Communication is the key to every problem! yes, not just on a personal level even otherwise communication plays a prominent role in one’s mental state.

When it comes to the workplace as well, it is essential to communicate professionally with our teammates regarding their performance, feedback, behavior, upcoming tasks, and if they need any training or resources.

Also, appreciating the teammates for their work increases productivity and job satisfaction as they bring more energy and pride to their work. This helps retain loyal employees, and effective communication improves company culture and prevents misunderstandings. However, it is not one-sided, and both parties must put in an equal effort to communicate with each other.

Many misunderstand communication as just speaking, but listening also plays an integral role in communication. Yes, it is not just listening but active listening which is a conscious effort to do that helps in the better absorption of information and also helps build stronger relationships by making people valued.

2. Lack of proper training

When you start a new venture, understanding the business, company policies, and vision becomes important. Training employees also plays a major role and it is essential when a new teammate joins the company.

Good training can help your employees overcome the lack of confidence and fear of failure and increase productivity even when they have to meet strict deadlines. This helps in increasing skills and building leadership skills by encouraging them to take initiative on new projects. Without proper training, completing tasks efficiently becomes difficult.

3. Job quality

When employees feel undervalued, and demotivated because of a lack of support for any new challenges, they may feel stressed. This can lead to a loss of interest in the job, decreased job satisfaction, and decreased productivity

Imagine you are in need of a graphic designer and you have hired a marketer to do marketing, sales, and designing.

Lack of interest and skillset will take quite a long time to finish the work. Also, there will be no space for creativity as that person may not be ready to explore the areas which are out of his/her area of interest. This also may end up with him/her being overworked and lead to repercussions like micromanagement, and loss of self-confidence. Therefore, a high workload is also a significant source of stress for employees.

It is important to communicate and understand the roles that they may feel fit and appreciate and compensate your employee with better benefits and opportunities.

4. Unhealthy work environment-Work politics

In a place with a lot of toxicity or negative influence, new ideas or creativity won’t emerge. It is not just the quality of the job but also the environment that plays a bigger role in a workplace.

No one likes to work at a place that homes noise, poor hygiene, inadequate lighting, and poor ergonomics. Along with these factors, office politics, extensive workload, and an unsupportive work environment also contributes to workplace stress.

When it comes to the workplace and its hygiene or having a professional setup that bothers you, then switching to a coworking space like Beginest could be the best option. In a prime location like Indiranagar and Mg Road in Bangalore, finding an office is not just expensive but also comes with a lot of risks. As an entrepreneur for you to take care of your business without dealing with security, power connection, internet connection, water supply, cafeteria, parking, housekeeping, etc., along with a professional setup at an affordable price is a jackpot!

Other options would be to address the problem one by one by setting healthy boundaries and keeping a positive attitude.

It is critical to identify the precise causes of workplace stress in order to adequately address them. Employers can reduce workplace stress by redesigning jobs, offering assistance and resources, and fostering work-life balance. You can also control your stress by practicing stress management strategies and requesting help from coworkers and managers.

Every professional wants to work in a healthy and supportive environment. Such an environment will always help and encourage you to meet like-minded people and learn new skill sets and expand networking opportunities.

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