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The Office Manager's Nightmare

His impeccable internal clock wakes him up two minutes before his alarm does. He lies in bed contemplating the day ahead and starts to drift off into the abyss again. Just then his clock begins to ring. Right on schedule. He engages himself in the eternal struggle of 'to snooze or not to snooze' as the most irksome sound in the world fills his room. The struggle is short-lived this morning as he silences the rhythmic blaring with one swift motion and pulls the covers over his head. The world is at peace again. At least it is, for the next 9 minutes. Multiple snoozes, a swift shower and a hasty breakfast later, he inches his way through the unforgiving traffic feeling his nerves tighten with

5 Productivity Hacks for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are viewed with a healthy dose of awe in today's society. They are the visionaries, the pioneers and the heroes of their stories. Yet they, like the rest of us, also suffer the odd day that sees a dip in their usual energy levels. These days can stretch into weeks if not kept in check which could spell disaster for someone looking to build a career in entrepreneurship. So to my fellow procrastinators out there, here is a quick list of tips to help you master your work space and conquer that elusive beast "productivity". 1. Identifying your key tasks The first step to meeting your deadlines and achieving your work goals is identifying them. While there are many tools out there t

4 Tips for your First time Co-working

If you're reading this article, then chances are that you have tried Coworking, are toying with the idea of trying it or you've heard of this latest fad in the Startup world and are dying to know what exactly it means! If you haven't looked up Coworking spaces in your locality, I would highly recommend you do that. It could end up being the breath of fresh air your work-life requires. (If you reside in Bangalore, click here to check out Beginest, co-working spaces in Indiranagar) Once you've done your homework, here's a quick guide on some do's and don'ts for your first time at a Coworking space. Don't be intimidated. There is usually a lot of activity at a Coworking space. Don't be unnerve

Top 4 Myths about Co-working

Google the term ‘Coworking’ and you will eventually stumble upon memes such as this one. As funny as these memes are, they do address a fundamental misunderstanding of what exactly a coworking space entails. If you picture a space inhabited by loud, obnoxious, self-proclaimed entrepreneurs whose desks are overrun with a mass of tangled wires, laptops, coffee mugs and the occasional cold pizza slice, then you might just be buying into the skewed perception of the coworking world. Here are 4 of the most common myths about coworking that you need to stop believing now. 1. Only for Startups, Creatives or IT workers Although startup employees and freelancers tend to dominate the kind of workers y

How to Choose the best Co-working Space for your Start-up

With the wave of innovators and entrepreneurs shaping the business world today, start-up culture is becoming the norm in most major cities worldwide and we are seeing a steady increase in the number of small business spaces popping up in homes as well as commercial buildings. This environment can be both frustrating and counter-productive to small companies or start-ups. Working from home or setting up offices can be a demanding task that requires both capital and time which are both precious commodities for a startup team. Coworking spaces provide a convenient answer to these problems. But how exactly does one choose a coworking space that is right for his/her company or start-up? Here are

Why People Thrive in Co-working Spaces

Co-working spaces, which involve a more communal setting than traditional office spaces, are on the rise in all the start-up hubs of the world. Nowhere is this trend more apparent than in Bangalore which is one of the three major cities with the most number of start-ups in India. The Harvard Business Review recently published an article in its September issue claiming that people who have embraced the co-working culture reported levels of thriving that were at least a point higher (on a 7-point scale) than those working in regular offices. So why do co-working spaces seem to produce these levels of performance? Firstly, people who choose co-working spaces tend to be passionate about their wo


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