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4 Tips for your First time Co-working

If you're reading this article, then chances are that you have tried Coworking, are toying with the idea of trying it or you've heard of this latest fad in the Startup world and are dying to know what exactly it means!

If you haven't looked up Coworking spaces in your locality, I would highly recommend you do that. It could end up being the breath of fresh air your work-life requires.

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Once you've done your homework, here's a quick guide on some do's and don'ts for your first time at a Coworking space.

Don't be intimidated. There is usually a lot of activity at a Coworking space. Don't be unnerved by the hustle and bustle. You are likely surrounded by a group of highly motivated and talented individuals who don't usually bite.

Strike up a conversation at the water cooler or over a cup coffee and introduce yourself to your Coworking comrades.

Conversely, you might encounter the silent coworking space. One whose inhabitants are either extremely engrossed in their own work or are just quiet by nature. In this case, don't feel obliged to keep to yourself. Everyone in a coworking space has a hand in deciding the culture of the workplace. Making a little noise shouldn't be viewed as taboo as long as you are still respectful of your coworkers.

Take a tour of the entire space. Coworking spaces are usually designed to accommodate the various kinds of people who utilize their facilities. From freelancers to small businesses, every type of worker requires a different kind of workspace. Take a quick tour of the place and find the right nook for you to set up shop.

Don't stay rooted to one spot. If you don't feel the spot you chose is letting you do your best work then feel free to move around and try a different one. A quiet corner might be perfect for when you need some peace and solitude but the open plan flexible-seats might help boost your productivity if collaboration is the name of the game.

Invest some time to get to know your Neighbour. Your neighbour is one of your biggest resources in a coworking space. Whether you see him/her every day isn't set in stone due to the flexibility these spaces offer, so use the time you have with them effectively. You never know when the person right next to you might have the answer to something that has you stumped. Remember that collaboration is your friend.

If I've sparked your interest in the Coworking phenomenon or if I've nudged you a little further towards trying a Coworking space out, click here to check out-Beginest, an exciting new Coworking space in Indiranagar, Bangalore.

Still curious about Coworking? Click here for How to Choose a Coworking Space.

Want to share your Coworking experience? Comment below. Let's start a conversation.

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